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Jos de Vries The Retail Company has been rewarded for the results they have obtained in the Russian Market, by winning the RusPrix Award. The RusPrix Award is a prestigious award to stimulate the trade- and socialcultural relationship between The Netherlands and Russia. Jos de Vries The Retail Company, for over 8 years present at the Russian market, is elected as best performing Dutch Small Business company at the Russian market.

De Groene Weg: greenest shop of The Netherlands

The biological chain of butchers De Groene Weg (The Green Road) have been elected as the Greenest Store of 2009 by the Magazine “Green.2”. The winners are companies that do something back for the environment and that are making efforts to reduce the effects on the environment. They look at People, Profit and Planet. The chain makes great effort, internally and externally with their Social Responsability Policy and there Sustainable way of doing business. Jos de Vries The Retail Company has been responsable for the development of the new store concept of The Groene Weg.

Opening smallest candy store of Jamin in The Netherlands

The smallest candy store of The Netherlands "opened" its doors. This store is based in the famous miniature city of Madudoram (The Hague). The well-known chain Jamin, Dutch biggest candy store chain with over 125 years of ago, is developing rapidly. Next to this mini-store, developed by Dutch retail specialist Jos de Vries The Retail Company, the chain is increasing throughout The Netherlands. At this moment the chain has 142 stores and within 5 to 7 years they want to expand to 150 stores.

Retail Bouw Management, part of Jos de Vries The Retail Company Group, is responsable for the construction of these new stores.

Aquié (Grupo Cuevas) finalist World Retail Awards

The Spanish formula Aquié became finalist in last World Retail Awards, in the category “innovative retail concepts”.

The Spanish formula Aquié has been developed by Jos de Vries The Retail Company and is based on a new, modern design, the use of new technologies and a well-balanced assortment of healthy groceries. Everything seen based on Green Retailing. This central point in the company of Jos de Vries The Retail Company has been adapted in this concept by only supplying bio-recycable bags and furniture and lightning (in combination with Microlight and Smeva) selected on the environmental advantages because of the low consumption of energy.

Next to these innovative aspects of Green Retailing the clients can choose from a selected assortment of daily varying fresh and healthy menus (to prepare or prepacked). These products are tested and prepared by the university of Vigo to create an ecological and healthy product assortment.

This fifth generation supermarket is next to the success of being nominated for the World Retail Awards very succesfull with this new innovative concept. They are that succesfull that they opened their 2nd store already (in A Porriño, Galicia). The first supermarket can welcome over 1.250 visitors on a daily base and the turn-over is over 29% higher than the other stores of the Grupo Cuevas.

McDonald’s is testing Green Restaurant Concepts

In the United States of America, US origen fast-food chain McDonalds is testing green technologies, like energy-saving and waste-reduction in 10 restaurants.

One green restaurant in Chicago consumes 25 percent less energy than similar locations. Another location in Cary, N.C., incorporates LED lighting and low-flow toilets, uses eco-friendly materials such as counters made of recycled glass and concrete, and provides electric car charging stations. The location hopes to achieve LEED gold certification from the US Government.
Earlier this year McDonald’s began an effort to show consumers its “greener” side with a new institutional marketing effort, “Global Best of Green.” Energy savings and waste reduction are central to McDonald’s corporate social responsibility strategy.

Tesco new way of driving reduces fuel consumption

Following the aim of Tesco to reduce carbon footprint across all different areas in the company, made the company decide to test a new telematics system (Daimlet Fleetboard). This test resulted in 6 months to reduce the fuel consumption with 7,2%, much higher than the expected 4%. The UK Retailer now is applying this new system to the entire distribution car park and expects to save up to 5 million pounds a year on fuel and to cut the CO2 emission with 10.000 tonnes.

Walgreens US chain of drug stores opens first green store

The website Chain Store Age published today the news article that Walgreens, an American drug store with 74 stores, opened their first store that is designed to meet the LEED Standards. The LEED system stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is is set by the U.S. Government to measure the sustainability of a building or store.

The new green store, located in Chicago, is foreseen of a green roof where plants grow on. White coating takes care to reduce the heating and cooling consumption. The consumers are informed with in-store communication of how sustainable the store and which measurements this retail formula takes to be green.

Inside the store Walgreens decided to place energy-efficient LED lighting, reducing energy by 50% compared to normal lighting. Close to the store there is reserved parking for energyfriendly hybrid vehicles. More locations of the drug store chain will become green in the near future, including the placement of solar energy on top of the 74 stores throughout the United States.

Developing ecological shoes and ecotiendas

The University of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain) started a proyect in which they investigate the possible adaptation of environmental-friendly measurements into the retail and (shoe) manufacturing sector.

Sustainable proyects and products will be developed, with the aim of applying these techniques in companies like Inditex (collaborative partner of this project). The team is looking for efficient use of sources, reducing emissions and reducing the impact of the textile sector on the environment.

The University of Santiago de Compostela works with several companies from the textile sector to develop ecological shoes, investigating the effect of quimical gas on the health of the people. Furthermore they are developing the ecological store concept for the stores of Inditex, where they investigate the effect of metal and wood materials in the stores. They select the most appropiate materials to decrease the effect on the environment.

Sharing knowledge to create supply chain sustainability

In Australia there was an important business reunion between retailers and manufacturers to share their knowledge on improving the sustainability in the retail chain. The roundtable was organized by NSW Government and Marks & Spencer, one of the leading companies in corporate social responsability was present to give an insight in their greentailing policy.

The event brings together key representatives of Austrain retail, food and beverage, fashion and consumer goods industries, hearing from Marks & Spencer their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable retailing.”

Mr Macdonald from Marks & Spencer noted that the crisis should not influence the social responsability.“CSR is about including public interest in corporate decision-making through the honouring of a triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit,” he noted. “Consumers are increasingly aware of the implications of purchasing decisions in terms of environmental and ethical concerns, and corporations are under pressure to examine their entire supply chains from a CSR perspective.”

Marks & Spencer is a leading force for retail CSR in the United Kingdom through its ‘Plan A’ initiative which sets ambitious goals to be carbon neutral, cut landfill waste, source sustainable materials for products, promote healthy lifestyles for customers, and set new standards in ethical trading.

“By sharing its knowledge, Marks & Spencer will help accelerate the already growing phenomenon of CSR in Australian retailing,” Mr Macdonald explained. “There are many potential benefits for NSW companies involved in genuine CSR efforts including increased brand power, consumer appeal, and increased employee engagement through greater loyalty, improved recruitment, increased retention and higher productivity.”


Sustainable fashion store in Barcelona, example of greentailing in Spain

The green store that opened Barcelona fashion store Santa Eulalia remains open one year more. The sustainable store has been developed by using only sustainable materials, everything to minimize the effect on the environment.

The Luxery fashion store is located in Barcelona´s famous shopping street Paseo De Gracia. The temporary green store currently works as replacement of the original store which is being renovated, this orginal store is also located at the same shopping street Paseo de Gracia.

100% ECO Hygienic Paper available at the supermarkets of Albert Heijn and Coop (The Netherlands)

Since today the Dutch consumers are able to purchase 100% ECO Hygienic Paper. The first supermarkets in The Netherlands who offer this environmental-friendly product are Albert Heijn and Coop. The assortment these stores offer are toilet paper, kitchen rolls and tissues of the brand NORTH RIVER. The products are the most environmental friendly products of the market. By using the product the Dutch consumers help to improve the environment.

The production of these paper product is realized by recycled wood, there is no chlorine included, 80% less water is used and the production process is realized by 100% sustainable energy.
For more information on these products take a look at the website of Friends Hygiene or contact them by e-mail

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